When Your Parent Needs Long-Term Care

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Placing an aging parent in a nursing home or long-term care facility is one of the most difficult decisions an adult child will make. Although the parent may need medical care and assistance, realizing the parent is incapacitated can be heartbreaking to the children. This situation is even worse when the parent resists the move.

If you are facing the reality of a parent unable to live safely at home, the help and guidance of an estate planning and probate lawyer can be invaluable. Your lawyer can help you consider the numerous factors that influence your decision, including:

Family Member Availability

In some cases, family members are available to provide care and assistance for an elderly parent. Depending on your family’s location, willingness, and resources, you may be able to create a schedule that allows several family members to serve as caregivers. In some cases, this allows a parent to remain at home while receiving care from someone familiar and trustworthy.

In other cases, it’s still necessary to move the parent to a nursing home, but the move is less traumatic because family members are available to make frequent visits.

Type of Care Required

It’s important to work with health care professionals to assess your parent’s physical, mental, and emotional status and needs. Some individuals require minimal assistance, while others need round the clock care. It’s quite common for close family members, including adult children, to be in denial about an elderly parent’s needs. Your lawyer can work with you and your loved one’s doctors to determine which options work best for your parent and your family.

Your Resources

Many people underestimate the cost of long-term care, which can be extremely expensive. With proper planning and asset management, it’s possible to find a solution that preserves your parent’s assets as much as possible while ensuring he or she receives the best available care.

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