Smartphone Apps Make Caring For An Older Loved One Easier

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These days, smartphone applications do a lot more than just tell you the weather or let you know when you’ve received an email. Mobile apps have become versatile tools that make life easier – and safer.

This is great news for adult children who want to keep a close eye on an elderly parent without intruding on the parent’s privacy. The following apps may be useful for monitoring without being overly invasive.

Jeffrey P. Scott & Associates, LLC has no affiliation with and receives no compensation from these apps or their manufacturers. Always carefully research an application to ensure it meets your needs. These are just helpful suggestions for those looking to take advantage of technology in the context of making elder care a little easier.

Safety NET

Safety NET automatically sends alerts to emergency personnel when a predetermined event, such as a fall, occurs. The app detects sudden jolts, such as collisions, trips, and falls.


If you have an elderly parent who experiences bouts of forgetfulness, Monitor might come in handy. You can set the app to alert you when a loved one arrives at his or her intended destination.

Silent Bodyguard

As its name suggests, Silent Bodyguard sends a noiseless panic alert to law enforcement authorities and loved ones at the press of a button. Although it can be used by anyone interested in staying safe, it’s helpful for seniors who worry about being home alone at night or venturing out without a companion.


If your mom or dad takes a lot of different medications, MedCoach can help your parent keep them organized and on schedule, avoiding potentially dangerous medication mix-ups and overdoses.

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