How you split your estate may lead to hard feelings

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2022 | Estate Planning

One of the most important things you have to do as an adult is to set up your estate plan. This enables you to leave instructions about who’s getting which assets from you. For people who have a complex family dynamic, figuring out how to set everything up might take a lot of thought. 

As you’re thinking about what you’re going to do with your estate plan, be sure that you’re thinking about what the effects of the plan will be. It’s possible that there might be some hard feelings if the estate isn’t divided equally. 

Finding balance and talking about the reasoning

Complex estate plans can be a challenge to create. You’re probably considering how to adjust the plan so everyone will get what they actually need. This might mean that you end up giving one person more than another simply because of their circumstances. Ultimately, it’s your estate plan so you can set it up however you feel is best. 

You might be able to sit down with everyone and explain why you felt the need to unequally balance out the estate. Reminding them that you did this equitably might be the best way to tell them. Talking to them might help to soften the blow. They can ask you questions about your reasoning. 

People who are creating an estate plan should ensure they think about their goals for their assets after they pass away. Crafting an estate plan that’s in the best interests of their loved ones is important. Working with someone who understands your vision is important because they can help you set it all up in the proper manner.