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What Attendees Have Said About Estate Planning Seminars

“Your grasp of Estate Planning, especially the nursing home aspects of it, and your ability to articulate advanced concepts in a simple and understandable manner made your portion of the seminar well worth attending.”
James D.

“I would take the time to reiterate a few of the attendees’ comments in this letter but, seeing as how you were mentioned on nearly every evaluation we received, I will just enclose a summary of the attendees’ evaluation commentary. Your presentation was excellent!”
Carol N.

“Student evaluations of your course and you as an instructor were outstanding. It is an honor having you on the staff.”
Sharon S.

“Dynamic instructor who certainly kept me on my toes! I never thought Probate could be so interesting and I learned a great deal that I can apply to my personal life.”

“Instructor clear and articulate, personable and knowledgeable.”

“Amanda did a wonderful presentation, very well prepared, explained estate planning aspects clearly and presented excellent examples.”