Your Guide To The Probate Process

Located in St. Paul, the attorneys at Scott + Hespen Law have helped individuals throughout Minnesota navigate the probate process for almost 25 years.

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Minneapolis Probate Administration Attorneys

Our attorneys represent estates and their executors — or personal representatives — throughout the probate administration process.

Normally named in the decedent's will, the personal representative is responsible for managing the decedent's estate during the probate process. Personal representatives have many duties and often require the help of an attorney to ensure all relevant laws and regulations are followed.

Our firm helps personal representatives complete all of their legal duties; including documenting and securing the assets in the estate, including real and personal property, bank accounts, investment accounts, and insurance policies; contacting heirs; locating creditors and paying off the debts of the estate; and submitting the estate to probate.

Our attorneys also help personal representatives create the final account of the estate, describing all of the assets and debts of the decedent, and proposing a distribution of property to the decedent's heirs. If the decedent had an estate plan that contained a will, the terms of those documents should be followed, and any trusts created by the estate plan must be established and administered.

Finally, our lawyers help personal representatives prepare and file the decedent's final income tax return and pay any estate taxes.

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Navigating the probate process can be difficult and intimidating. At the office of Scott + Hespen Law, we guide our clients through the probate process in the most efficient manner possible. Together, we will ensure all of your legal duties as a personal representative are met and help ensure the decedent's final wishes are met.

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