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Powers Of Attorney & Health Care Directives

Helping Families Think Ahead And Protect Themselves

While it is impossible to plan for the unforeseen, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your family in the event of your death or incapacity. Health care directives and financial powers of attorney provide you the opportunity to appoint trusted family members or friends to make important financial and health-related decisions when you are no longer able.

At the St. Paul law offices of Scott + Hespen Law, PLLC, our attorneys help clients develop and execute powers of attorney and health care directives that protect their financial interests and ensure their wishes regarding end-of-life health care are respected.

Minneapolis Health Care Directive Lawyers

We help clients stay in control of their future health care. Health care directives provide individuals with the opportunity to communicate their fears, wishes and goals regarding end-of-life health care.

These documents also allow individuals to name a health care agent to make health-related decisions in the event of their incapacitation. By clearly communicating your health-related wishes and naming a trusted individual to act on your behalf, you stay in control of your future health.

While powers of attorney and health care directives carry power as individual instruments, they are often more useful when incorporated into a greater estate plan. At the law offices of Scott + Hespen Law, we build comprehensive estate plans that incorporate health care directives and powers of attorney to ensure our clients’ properties, financial well-being and health are protected.

Helping Minnesotans Protect Their Finances And Their Health

Powers of attorney allow individuals to name trusted friends or family members to manage their financial resources when they are no longer able to do so. Financial powers of attorney may be temporary or permanent in nature.

If you are leaving the country for an extended vacation, are undergoing surgery or will otherwise be unable to manage your finances for a set period of time, a temporary power of attorney will allow you to name an agent to handle your financial commitments during that period. Permanently naming a power of attorney to act on your behalf in the event of your incapacitation often reduces the financial stress felt by grieving family members who may struggle to pay your bills and meet your financial commitments without access to your finances.

To develop a health care directive or power of attorney, contact our St. Paul estate planning lawyers at 651-968-1457.