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“How Wills And Trusts Can And Cannot Help You”

This 90-minute seminar explains what estate planning is, why it is needed and who needs it. The beginning point for any discussion about estate planning is property. We discuss the various ways in which property can be held — individually, in joint tenancy, as tenancy-in-common, in trust, etc. — and look at the advantages and disadvantages of each. We explain what powers of attorney are, how they are effective estate planning tools, and what they can and cannot do. We explain the basic requirements of a will and a trust, and compare them in case studies to see which best fit sample clients’ needs. Finally, this seminar explains the court-supervised probate process, and explains when it is necessary, how it may be avoided and how it is best managed. This seminar is a comprehensive look at all aspects of estate planning and provides attendees with essential information to make informed estate planning decisions for themselves.

“What Happens If I Need A Nursing Home”

This seminar is a must for anyone whose family member is in a nursing home. While estate planning is important for everyone, it becomes critical when a family member is, might become, disabled. This seminar explains what elder law is and how it can help you. Is it legally possible to protect assets? (In many cases, yes.) Are Medicaid and Medicare two completely different programs? (Absolutely. You must know the differences.) Are there special benefits available to veterans? (Being a veteran or the spouse of a veteran gives you a big advantage for nursing home planning.) This seminar dispels the many myths around disability planning. It gives clear, straightforward suggestions for planning your estate to get the care you need and protect assets, where possible.

These Classes Will Be Offered At The Following Locations:

District 623 Community Education
Fairview Community Center
1910 County B Rd W, Roseville, MN 55113
Roseville, MN

Centennial Community Education
Rice Lake Elementary
575 Birch St, Lino Lakes, MN 55014

St. Louis Park Community Education
Lennox Community Center
6715 Minnetonka Blvd., St. Louis Park

South Washington Community Education
East Ridge High School
4200 Pioneer Drive, Woodbury
Cottage Grove Middle School
9775 Indian Blvd. S, Cottage Grove

District 196 Community Education
Falcon Ridge Middle School
12900 Johnny Cake Ridge Rd, Apple Valley
Scott Highlands Middle School
14011 Pilot Knob Road, Apple Valley