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Efficient Probate Assistance For Clients Outside Of Minnesota

Families often live in different states from one another. Unfortunately, when a family member from one state passes away, the family members in another state could face legal challenges.

Work with an attorney who understands how local laws will affect the administration of your loved one’s estate. Based in St. Paul, Scott + Hespen Law, PLLC, has helped many out-of-state clients through Minnesota’s probate process. We can guide your family during this emotional time.

Knowledgeable Of The Probate Process In Minnesota

Every state has its own set of probate laws. The differences between states can make the probate administration process slightly more difficult for families who do not live in the same state as their loved one who passed away.

Even if the rest of the family lives in the same area, your loved one’s estate can only enter probate in the state of their residence. If your loved one owned property in multiple states, however, their property would be subject to probate in each of those individual states.

Our goal is to simplify and clarify probate for you. We represent executors and personal representatives throughout the process from will contests to reaching out to heirs.

Not only do we have a deep understanding of Minnesota’s probate laws, but we also have experience with the estate administration issues and assets unique to our state. For example, your loved one may have created a plan to keep their cabin out of probate. We will help you protect your loved one’s wishes.

Available To Provide Convenient Service

Scott + Hespen Law, PLLC, knows that losing a loved one is already a stressful and emotional experience. You should not have to worry about the logistics of probate and estate administration. Let us guide you.

Call 651-968-1457 or email our law firm to consult with our experienced probate attorneys. We can provide hands-on legal assistance no matter where you are.